My Story

Shadi (shah.dee) in Farsi means joy and celebration. With no formal music study, training or proficiency in any musical instrument, I became a songwriter close to my 50th birthday. Shortly after, I reluctantly began singing my songs and eventually other artistic expressions, like video and music production, lured me toward further self-discovery.

Although my heritage is middle eastern, I have written and produced numerous songs that are multi-cultural, with jazz, pop, electronica and world flavors.

Over the past decade, I ended up performing live at various local restaurants, art events and private parties, singing jazz standards blended with my originals, as well as story telling through poetry and songs. Lately I’ve been taking the reigns in learning to use software to create and engineer my music. I am grateful to many people who guided, supported and collaborated with me on this journey.

What keeps me going? Music is my healer, my anchor, a mystical place, the pathway to my soul.